The three brother were involved in a scuffle with police.
The three brother were involved in a scuffle with police.

Dad’s ‘three musketeer’ son's in cop fracas

A COURT has heard how a scuffle involving three men and their dad with police outside a Gladstone hotel was a bit like the Three Musketeers tale - "All for one, one for all".

Damien Drollet was having too good a night out with his brothers Kayne and Tarrant at Central Lane Hotel. But when it was time for their dad George Drollet to take them home, Damien wasn't going.

It began with a brotherly disagreement but ended with a scuffle, getting in the way of three young police constables trying to arrest Damien.

One female officer was pushed in her chest by Tarrant Drollet, the push an assault in which magistrate Mark Morrow clearly expressed the court's displeasure.

"Do not touch an officer especially a female police officer," Mr Morrow told Tarrant.

WATCH: 'Three musketeers' and their dad leave court

Their barrister Bill McMillan told Gladstone Magistrates Court the Drollet's are a very close family, and that like the Musketeers the brothers all got involved when police tried to arrest Damien.

"It's really (like) the Three Musketeers," Mr McMillan said.

"All for one, one for all. The family was trying to protect one of its own."

Police prosecutor Gavin Reece said the offences took place just after 11pm on July 25 last year when Central Lane Hotel staff flagged down passing police.

Mr Reece said officers saw Damien Drollet push two men "yelling profanities... f*** off c**ts".

When police went to arrest Damien for causing a public nuisance he walked away, the officers taking him down to the ground to arrest him.

Mr Reece said his two brothers and father went up to the police and began to interfere, saying they were only interested in his well being, but still interfering.

Three young police constables found brothers scuffling.
Three young police constables found brothers scuffling.

He said police gave them repeated directions to stand back, to stay away but all men tried to get around the officers and reach their brother on the ground.

"Kayne pushed an officer in the chest with both hands. He (officer) loses balance but doesn't fall," Mr Reece said.

"Tarrant pushes another officer in her chest which causes pain and discomfort."

The officers had to call more police crews for assistance.

Mr McMillan said all four men were scaffolders working on Curtis Island and been on a rare night out in town.

He said Damien had gone back inside the hotel but brought back outside was remonstrating with his father.

"Damien is a large man, heavily built and has difficulty to put his hands behind his back (for the handcuffs)," Mr McMillan said.

"They went to tell police that he has difficulty but to just let him go and he would cooperate."

"You should have gone home," Mr Morrow told Damien.

Damien Drollet, 33, pleaded guilty to causing public nuisance within licensed premises (Central Lane Hotel); and assault/obstruct police. Fined $1000.

Kayne Drollet, 32, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault/obstruct (female) police officer. Fined $800.

Tarrant Drollet, 26, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault/obstruct police officer; and breach of a bail condition. Fined $975.

Their dad George Drollet, 57, pleaded guilty to obstruct police. Fined $300.



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