Customer feedback mixed on new check outs

ALL roads lead to the middle of the store and it seems shoppers are not entirely on board.

Kmart Toormina at Toormina Gardens shopping centre is in the middle of a revamp, and while customer feedback is largely positive on the new layout and stock, it's the check out area that is causing plenty of comment.

The one centralised register section in the middle of the store follows the design of many department stores. At Kmart Toormina the self-serve registers are also included in this design

"I think it's a terrible mistake," said Lynne, a regular Kmart shopper.

"I love the store, always have, but this new business of having the check outs in the middle is just stupid and inconvenient. I have to line up in the queue with everyone even though I use the self-serve register. What's the point of that, the whole process just takes longer."

Do you like central registers in shops?

This poll ended on 07 September 2017.

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No, I hate the new system.


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It's not just the central registers causing discussion.

"Now when you leave the store you have to show your receipt and have your bags inspected. You've already waited at the check out and then you have to wait longer as there's a line-up to get out of the store. It's ridiculous and not everyone was lining up to have their receipts checked, some just walked past the line rather be made to feel like a potential shop lifter."

Kmart Toormina is just one of many older Kmart stores going through a company refit and adopting the new central register system.

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