OUR film star Russell Crowe will be back on the big screen in a sequel to the 1986 Aussie cult classic Crocodile Dundee.

The new film Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home boasts a tonne of Australian talent with trailers widely circulated across social media. 

The list of actors includes Oscar-nominated Margot Robbie, Hugh Jackman, Isla Fisher, Ruby Rose, Jessica Mauboy, Luke Bracey and Hemsworth brothers Chris and Liam.

The plot is set to revolve around Crocodile Dundee going missing in the Outback. The only person who might know his location is an American son no know one knew he had.

Crowe, who owns a 320ha property at Nana Glen, appears to be a villainous media mogul in the film's trailer.

"Dundee is going to learn who the most dangerous animal in Australia is. It's me," Crowe says in one line.

As we clambered across a dozen movie sites to find out more on a release date, it was quickly realised here that this whole movie may just be a croc. 

Trying their hand at fake news, Tourism Australia cleverly tricked the internet into believing Chris Hemsworth and Danny McBride were starring in a reboot of the 1986-hit Crocodile Dundee.

That drove its digital engagement through the roof.

It's now been revealed to be a marketing stunt for this year's the Super Bowl - and so far, it's paying off for the tourism body.

The interest kept building with another teaser for #DundeeMovie being released starring Hugh Jackman.

Not only were the fake trailers an effective ad for Australian tourism, so far they have had a huge impact as a Super Bowl ad campaign, beating out brands such as Budweiser and Pepsi.

To Tourism Australia we say well played and 'throw another shrimp on the barbie mate.' 

Super Bowl LII will be played on Monday, February 5, but who cares about the gridiron, most are only going to watch for the ads and the half-time entertainment right?

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