Rhys Cooksey and his magic metre
Rhys Cooksey and his magic metre "crocodile" Rhys Cooksey

'Crocodile' in the river caught, snapped and released

IN THE fishing world Rhys Cooksey has reached what they call the "magic metre".

On Monday night when most of us are rugged up warm inside our homes, the Evans Head man was fishing on the Evans River, near the slipway, when he caught a 105cm flathead.

It's the largest fish he has ever caught.

"When it gets to that size it's nicknamed a crocodile or lizard," he said.

It was announced on Tuesday night on the Evans Head Sports and Marine Facebook page that a "crocodile" had been caught in the Evans River.

"Reports just in. A Crocodile has been caught in the Evans River last night. More info as it comes to hand." it posted.

There was plenty of interest from the Evans Head community, and no less when it was revealed as a huge flathead.

The fish will not be filling Rhys' freezer, however, as he has since released the large creature and is encouraging others to do the same.

"I would hate to be the guy we see keeping one of these beautiful creatures," he posted.

"These are locals too. Catch Snap Release Only. That way we all get to experience fish of this calibre."

Rhys said as part of his company 1020 Fish Apparel, he is promoting the Catch, Snap, Release practice, where once you've taken a photo of the fish, you let it go.

"I had two buddies with me (on Monday night when he caught the fish) but it was too cold and they left," he said.

"I used a camera my girlfriend gave me that has a timer.

"The flathead was pretty placid, as large fish often are so I took (the photo) quickly before releasing it."

Rhys said he wanted to encourage more people to "fish for the future" where it is all about sustainability.

"It's so our kids can enjoy fishing as well." he said.

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