Rockhampton Magistrates Court.
Rockhampton Magistrates Court. Chris Ison ROK270716ccourt2

COURT: 44 people facing Rockhampton Magistrates Court today

EACH day a number of people appear at Rockhampton courts, on a range of different charges.

Here is a list of the 44 people appearing in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today.

Accoom, Richard Colin, room 1, 9AM

Benfield, Adam Lee, Mr, room 3, 10.30AM

Bird, Warren James, room 1, 9AM

Bradshaw, Andrew Phillip, room 1, 9AM

Carlo, Hughie Phillip, room 1, 9AM

Daley, Scott Lawrence, room 1, 9AM

Doughty, Elijah Kenneth, room 3, 10AM

Draheim, Ace David, room 1, 9AM

Fisher, William David, room 1, 9AM

Flenady, Tracey Ann, room 1, 9AM

Flesher, Russell, room 1, 9AM

Flower, Mark Cecil, Mr, room 3, 10.30AM

Godfrey, Timothy James, room 1, 9AM

Gray, Maxwell Edward, room 1, 9AM

Green, Erin Dawn, Mrs, room 1, 9AM

Harvey, Jodie Lee, Miss, room 1, 9AM

Iles, Kristy Lee, Miss, room 3, 10.30AM

Kane, Caleb Clayton, room 1, 9AM

Lammi, Luke Kenneth, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Leedie, Harold Bradley, room 1, 9AM

Macdonald, Arthur Lewis, room 2, 9AM

Mccabe, Dale Ashley, room 1, 9AM

Muir, Jeremy Wade, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Murray, John Frederick, room 1, 9AM

Nona, Young Peo, room 1, 9AM

Platt, David Russell Morris, Mr, room 1, 8.30AM

Pratt, Stacey Lea, Miss, room 1, 9AM

Roberts, Dale Lewis Murray, room 1, 9AM

Roberts, Sarah Ann, room 1, 9AM

Ross, Ainsleigh Louise, room 1, 9AM

Russell, Tyla Amanda Marrell, Miss, room 1, 9AM

Salter, Craig Anthony, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Singleton, Andrina Faye, room 1, 9AM

Strahan, Malcolm William, room 1, 9AM

Ten-Bohmer, Andrew John, room 1, 9AM

Tiaaleaiga, Lui Matalio Dylan, room 1, 9AM

Tiers, Dorothy Constance, room 1, 9AM

Tiers, Dorothy Constance, room 1, 8.30AM

Tilberoo, Walter Frederick, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Tobane, Juanita Marlena, room 3, 10AM

Watts, Beau James, Mr, room 3, 10.30AM

Weeding, Scott William, Mr, room 1, 9AM

Wenck, Mitchell Graham, room 1, 9AM

Whitworth, Casey Lance, Mr, room 1, 9AM

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