Troy Cassar-Daley is an ambassador for Australian Hearing.
Troy Cassar-Daley is an ambassador for Australian Hearing.

Country star urges blokes to test their ear for music

AUSTRALIAN award-winning country music singer and songwriter, Troy Cassar-Daley, is urging men across Australia to be aware of their hearing health and if necessary, get it checked, this Men's Health Week.

As Ambassador of Australian Hearing, Cassar-Daley said, "What better time for us guys to get our hearing checked and get help if we need it, than during Men's Health Week," Troy said.

Men's Health Week runs from June 15 to 21.

"In my line of work, my hearing is not only vital, but I also need to preserve it from loud volumes as best I can." But, as Cassar-Daley explains, workplace hearing loss amongst men is not a new concept," he said.

"We know that men have a higher incidence of hearing loss than women, particularly older men, mainly due to noise exposure in the workplace and during war service."

However, research shows that men put off getting help when they need it most, with many men not realising that their hearing has deteriorated, or they put off doing anything about it. In fact, men access health services 30 to 40% less than women.

"I've seen the work that organisations like Australian Hearing do to help people who have a hearing loss, so there is lots of help out there. I recently wrote a song inspired by those with hearing loss whose lives have been transformed by getting help to hear. Called I Can Hear You Now, I hope this song, together with Men's Health Week, will encourage men to take action this June, "

Hearing loss is an issue that will touch almost every Australian at some point in their life, with one in six Australians suffering hearing loss today, and this figure is set to rise to one in four by 2050.

Australian Hearing Coffs Harbour Manager, Karina Morrison, said simple things, such as turning up the television or having difficulty following conversations in noisy places, are often the early signs of hearing loss.

"Going to noisy environments, such as a live footy game, is especially difficult for someone with a hearing loss, as it is hard for them to drown out the background noise and focus on what their friends are saying."

"We have helped thousands of men continue to enjoy their lives and the activities they love, through early detection of hearing difficulties and by giving the right hearing options for their lifestyles."

During Men's Health Week, Australian Hearing are offering free hearing checks at their Hearing Centre at 2 Lyster Street, Coffs Harbour.

To discuss your hearing concerns or arrange a hearing check, call Australian Hearing on 6652 0700.

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