YOUR SAY: Country has to help the unlucky

THERE is a reason the stereotypical image of a homeless person is an unwashed man with tangled hair and an unkempt beard.

A person whose whole life is crammed into bags or trolleys around him; a person who is setting down to sleep a night on a hard concrete footpath.

Homeless men are easily forgotten.

Ignoring them often raises no issues of dependent children and there's the sense that men are able to fend for themselves.

However, this is not the point.

Shelters for the homeless are not really an act of charity - or at least they shouldn't be.

Every Australian citizen has a right to a roof over their head.

And while we may from time to time complain about the cost of making that happen or respond with outrage when people abuse the houses they are given, morally speaking, it's very hard to disagree with.

Clearly society is failing if men can't find anywhere to take shelter and clearly this problem needs to be fixed.

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