Nana Glen dog attack
Nana Glen dog attack Facebook

Council responds to dog attack criticism

A WOMAN was forced to react quickly when casual "walkies" with her dog turned into a nasty incident.

Captured on CCTV and posted on social media, the frightening moments where a dog owner was taking her leashed dog for a walk in Nana Glen, and set upon by a roaming domestic dog, are confronting.





Comments about the shared footage included, "Poor dog and woman, whoever is responsible for the dog attacking them doesn't deserve that dog" and "Absolutely horrible, that poor girl and dog.".

Coffs Harbour City Council has responded to queries about the incident.

"Council takes all dog attack incidents extremely seriously and we always respond immediately, " a spokesperson said.

"In this case, a Ranger received a call from the Police late on the afternoon of Friday, May 18 and immediately contacted the owner of the dog that had been attacked to arrange an interview.

"That interview took place on the following morning (Saturday May 19). In the statement, the owner expressed the view that her dog was the target of the attack and not herself. She received some scratches trying to protect her dog.

"The owner of the other animal was then contacted and an investigation confirmed that the dog is registered, micro-chipped and has no prior history of attacks. It is kept in an enclosure with other dogs on his property.

"The owner of the dog was issued with a written warning Wednesday, May 23, and a Proposed Nuisance Dog Order has been issued. These actions were taken as per the provisions of the Companion Animals Act 1993, which governs the penalties that can be imposed."

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