Council reeling over quote

A GREENS leaflet on marine parks has sparked a row between Coffs Harbour City Council and the political party.

It comes after the council issued a press statement this week saying it had not authorised the use of a comment attributed to the council in Greens’ literature.

The council highlighted “the incorrect nature of the quote” which was lifted from a letter addressed to the National Parks Association of NSW in March, 2004.

The leaflet reads: “Council has seen significant benefits to the tourism industry flowing from the SIMP as well as benefits to the community through additional recreational marine pursuits such as diving and snorkelling. The SIMP is widely recognised as a major drawcard to the Coffs Harbour Region.” – The Coffs Harbour City Council.

The council said that statement, made seven years ago by a previous council, does not reflect CHCC’s current position on the debate over fishing within the Solitary Islands Marine Park.

In its statement it said it was unclear how the Greens sourced the comment.

But Sydney-based Greens MP and marine spokesperson Cate Faehrmann yesterday strongly defended the use of the quote by the Greens.

She confirmed the comment had been lifted from a letter the council sent to the National Parks Association.

“It is unfortunate that the Coffs Harbour City Council has become the latest body to join the scare campaign of misinformation about the Greens’ marine policy,” Ms Faehrmann said. “It appears the council has bowed to the pressure of the local Coffs Harbour fishing industry.”

Council responded in a statement: “Council would like to thank The Greens for identifying the source of the quote and, on checking Council’s records, it is quite clear that this seven-year-old quote is taken from a letter to a completely separate organisation and is unrelated to the current debate on fishing rights within the Solitary Islands Marine Park. This is the point that Council was trying to highlight.”

Despite, the council’s requests, Ms Faehrmann was insistent the Greens would continue to use the outdated council comment but would now date it to 2004.

The Greens’ stance on marine parks can be found at

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