Council says it has taken action

COFFS Harbour City Council staff has refuted allegations from Prince Street east resident John Wallace that they have not responded to his requests for action on the street’s drainage and flooding problems.

Prince Street east of Hogbin Drive North flooded twice last year and Mr Wallace said the street had flooded repeatedly since the elevated roundabout linking Prince Street with Hog bin Drive had been built.

A spokesperson for council said that earlier this year the council had spent $12,000 cleaning the pipes in the Prince Street area with a high pressure cleaning unit.

“Staff also cleaned the open drains at the western edge of Park Beach at Phillip and Condon Streets to assist in stormwater flows for the whole of Park Beach,” she said.

“Annually we clean the open drains near Mr Wallace’s property and they are due again in June 2010.

“The 300mm diameter pipe that Mr Wallace mentions has beside it an overflow channel that works efficiently.

“The 300mm pipe was never intended to be more than a low-flow pipe as it would not be possible to install a larger pipe in that location.

“Independent consultant engineers have done flood modelling in the Park Beach area and confirmed that Hogbin Drive does not act as a dam and that the drainage beneath the road is adequate.

“Included in the second $6m phase of Council’s Flood Mitigation Plan, which it is hoped will be funded through the proposed rate variation, is an allocation for investigation and works at Prince Street.

“These include the possibility of taking the stormwater to Coffs Creek via a route on the eastern side of the railway.

“There is also an investigation underway to cut off the stormwater coming from the north and draining it directly to Park Beach before it gets to the Prince Street area.

“The fence also mentioned by Mr Wallace was erected by Council at the request of the residents as they had concerns over people loitering in the lane at the rear of the properties.

“Council will be removing a 300mm section at the bottom of the fence to ease concerns over overland water flow issues.”

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