Editorial - Saturday, July 18:Could Coffs see snow in future?

A COATING of snow is driving Coffs Coast families to the top of the range for a winter experience.

With falls expected today above 600m, there'll be white ground between Ebor and Guyra.

The sight of snow had us wondering if there's ever been falls on East Coast beaches.

In the weather records we found a reference to snow on the Central Coast in July 1965.

Coffs Harbour's July record low was -3.2 degrees in 1966 but we didn't find evidence of snow on the sand.

According to researchers this may change, with new scientific models predicting a "mini ice age" during the 2030s replicating conditions last seen in the 1650s.

University of Notre Dame Professor Valentina Zharkova said her team has developed a new model of the sun's solar cycle, producing accurate predictions of irregularities in the sun's 11-year heartbeat.

Prof Zharkova said during the decade 2030-40 the sun's two waves will peak at the same time but in opposite hemispheres, creating a "Maunder minimum".

This was a period from 1654 to 1715 where sunspots were rare and Europe and North America had very cold winters.

Obviously, no records exist in Australia from that time, so only time will tell what we are in for.

Matt Deans,

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