Costly visit to Warm Winters Day

A FESTIVAL-goer who tried to smuggle drugs and alcohol into Coffs Harbour’s Warm Winter’s Day last month has had his day in court.

Matthew William Archer, 19, of Waratah West, Newcastle, has been found guilty of two counts of the possessing a prohibited drug in the local court.

Security guards told police they found Archer was carrying illicit drugs in his pocket when he was searched entering the gate at the Coffs Harbour Showground on June 13 at 4.15pm.

Police were alerted and officers found Archer had two ecstasy tablets concealed inside a plastic container, otherwise known as a ‘Kinda Surprise’.

The tablets were green in colour and featured a devil’s face motif, weighing 1.1 grams.

When questioned by officers Archer admitted the pills were ecstasy and explained he had bought them off an unknown man at a Newcastle Hotel for $30 each.

A full body search also found he was carrying two small foils containing cannabis.

Archer also had a 200ml bottle of bourbon strapped to his ankle.

The festival turned out to be a costly experience.

On top of his entry fee, he was fined a total of $500.

Meanwhile, another visitor to the coast, has also been found guilty of drug charges in court.

Matthew William Waring, 22, of Lochinvar, has answered to a charge of driving while under the influence of a prohibited drug.

The court heard he was seen driving by police on the Pacific Highway north of Woolgoolga on December 12 last year at 11pm.

His vehicle was seen to be tailgating another car in Mullaway Drive.

Pulled over for a random breath test he returned a negative reading.

However, officers noticed he was speaking slowly and had glazed eyes.

A passenger in the car, was then seen trying to hide a plastic bong, when further questions were asked.

Waring admitted to smoking two cones of cannabis at Newcastle and another two at Bulahdelah before proceeding through Coffs Harbour.

He was fined $500 disqualified from driving for six months and ordered to pay court costs.

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