Coronavirus NSW: all you need to know today



From today, anyone with even mild respiratory symptoms can be tested for COVID-19 as the NSW government aims to swab up to 8000 people a day in a bid to better control outbreaks.

Authorities are threatening to close Sydney's beaches again this weekend if people don't respect social distancing rules, as NSW recorded seven new coronavirus cases overnight.

Schools will be forced to post any new cases of COVID-19 to their Facebook account, children will be banned from drinking from bubblers and playground equipment will be closed unless it can be regularly cleaned by teachers.
These are the strict new rules which will be in place when students return to school next term.

After an arrest by police, anti-5G protesters in Mullumbimby have come up with a novel way to show they are social distancing.

Resident Lex Richards cut a pile of bamboo sticks to exactly 1.5 metres to avoid what he said was "heavy-handed action" by the police yesterday.

Millions of Australians are bunkered down at home in isolation and it's likely to result in larger energy bills in the coming months.

Households are churning through more energy because they have been forced to work from home and some also have the added pressures of home schooling children.

A city of 10 million people in northern China has been placed into lockdown after a student reportedly brought COVID-19 in from the US.

Aussies are being urged to upskill during their COVID-19 downtime to become more employable in the post-pandemic job market. This is what you should be focusing on.

Bikes have become the new toilet paper! Coronavirus lockdowns have led to a boom in bicycle sales as Aussies turn to more exercise in isolation.


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