Coronavirus NSW: all you need to know today


The Prime Minister and Treasurer have given an update on the coronavirus, with a particular focus on the economic measures the government has put in place.

"We are on the road back. We're on the way back to a COVID-safe economy as well. We are building the protections for this COVID-safe economy" the PM said.

There have been no new recorded cases of COVID-19 in the Northern NSW Local Health District for six days, but Chief Executive Wayne Jones reminded the community that it is not yet time to relax or celebrate

The state government has secured enough hand sanitiser to supply NSW schools for a year, in a move designed to get kids back to school and boost the economy.

And prices and freight costs for protective gear has skyrocketed as NSW looks to secure 200 million face masks for the next year amid the COVID-19 pandemic.



One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has claimed the coronavirus has vindicated her opposition to "globalisation", saying she warned Australia about the "dangers" years ago.

Meanwhile Chinese-Australian woman who has been attacked when walking down the street has hit out the people who abused her.

Myer has announced its stores won't be reopening until at least May 11 after Australia's coronavirus lockdown was extended.

Former sparky Codie Palmer's rum company was devastated by COVID-19 - but it's now booming thanks to a "gamechanging" booze deal.

And from providing locked-down Aussies with healthy meals, DIY laser treatments and face wipes, this is how businesses are adapting to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic.



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