Cops pin 10yo boy to ground as dad is arrested


CONFRONTING footage as emerged of a distressed 10-year-old boy being pinned to the ground by police while his dad is arrested.

The bodycam video was released by Athens-Clarke County Police Department, in the US state of Georgia after the family accused the officers of using excessive force on the young child.

The boy became distressed as his father was being arrested and can be heard screaming at officers that he "didn't shoot nobody" as family members try to hold him back.

The boy then moves towards an officer who appears to catch him and put pin him face down to the ground.

The boy continues to scream and cry for his dad while he is pinned to the ground.


According to police the boy was held there until he calmed down and was then allowed to speak with his dad through the window of the car.

A video filmed by a family member of the incident recently gained a lot of attention online and claims to show the officer twisting the boys arm behind his back while he is on the ground.

Police are still investigating the incident, but the officers both remain on duty.

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