Cookies the right flavour

FOR Brent Manwaring it was a choice between his interest in horticulture and his love for cooking.

The 24-year-old made the career decision to pursue his culinary passions and launched ‘Breno’s Home-style Cookies’ two months ago.

Mr Manwaring is a shining example of how goals, dreams and desires are achieved through self-management of disability funding.

Having Down syndrome has not been an obstacle for him as he follows his food aspirations.

And part of his business success stems from the fact his funding, through the Community Participation Program, provides flexi- bility.

Mr Manwaring uses some of his funding to enlist the support of Ability Option’s trainer Gail Baker.

In Mrs Baker’s kitchen, every Monday, Mr Manwaring bakes his macadamia, white-chocolate and cranberry cookies ready to sell to local businesses on Tuesday.

Mr Manwaring loves being in the kitchen and this is topped only by the socialising that comes with taking his baked treats to expectant customers.

He said his favourite part of baking the cookies was pulling them out of the oven and making sure they were nice and round.

“A good trick to make sure they are round is using an ice-cream scoop to start with,” Mr Manwaring said.

With independence and the power of choice comes confidence in our own abilities and that’s why self-management of disability funding is essential.

Earlier this month, the Federal Government announced that it supports the Productivity Commission’s vision of a National Disability Insurance Scheme. The scheme emphasises self-management among a number of key factors that set it apart from the current system.

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