Compensation for diminished sex life after breast surgery

A BEAUTY therapist who claimed her sex life was ruined after one of her breast implants was "displaced" during a chiropractic adjustment has been awarded more than $50,000 compensation.

Amanda Jurkovic was in her early 20s when she underwent breast reconstructive surgery to "feel better about herself", the Sydney District Court heard.

Post surgery, she felt like a woman and "not a flat chested girl" when she put on her wedding dress and enjoyed buying matching underwear sets without padding, wearing two piece bikinis and frocking up for the races.

In 2008, stress related injuries from her work caused her to regularly visit chiropractor Paul Hubbard.

On the last occasion, one manipulation required Ms Jurkovic to "put her hands across her breasts as she faced downwards on a table".

Mr Hubbard then "put his arm on one of her hips and the other arm across her breasts and pushed her down towards the table".

When he finished, Ms Jurkovic felt "a bit sick" and when she got home and took her clothes off to shower with her husband, the pair noticed "her right breast was deformed" and the implant appeared to have turned.

She told the court that from that point on, the implant went "in and out" of position, causing her to feel embarrassed to be naked in front of her husband, and making it hard to wear "correct clothing".

Ms Jurkovic's husband told the court his wife was "not the person she used to be" and that the accident had led to "prudishness", a breakdown in their sex life and ultimately, their marriage.

The pair has since separated.

Judge Michael Finnane said he was convinced the manipulation triggered the prolapse and rejected suggestions made during the hearings that it could have occurred through Ms Jurkovic's husband "massaging her breasts" during sex or as a result of a mountain bike accident.

He described Ms Jurkovic as "very good looking...slim and well proportioned" woman who was clearly distressed by her appearance and awarded $51,137.50 in damages.

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