GREENSPAN Technology, a Coffs Harbour engineering company with offshore credentials, is a world leader in the design of systems monitoring water resources.

In his own words, director Mark Wolf, who founded the multi-million dollar enterprise in his garage 16 years ago, says it’s ‘a business where the customer is at the centre of their innovation’.

"We respond to increasingly urgent community problems resulting from global climate change – literally saving lives in the process," Mr Wolf said.

Famed for its flood-proofing solutions and early warning systems, Greenspan is both a local and global success story.

The business was acquired by Tyco International and expanded its reach to 26 countries, all the while maintaining its home base in Lawson Crescent, Coffs Harbour.

"I started the business in 1995, literally working out of my garage in Coffs Harbour," Mr Wolf said.

"It was a tough slog for 10 years until I won a $2 million contract to develop the 11-kilometre dual-purpose tunnel in Kuala Lumpur.

"This world first is a dual-! purpose tunnel for motorised transport and an overflow storage facility to reduce flooding the city. Projects snowballed from there.

"For example we created software that modernises Canada’s data management of water resources, acquiring data from over 3000 sites. We’re now taking this software into America."

After claiming multiple Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce awards, Greenspan earned wider exposure recently winning a NSW Business Chamber Award for Excellence in Innovation.

"This recognition is fantastic and gives us leverage politically to win more major contracts. It could put us in the position to secure more international aid agency projects. One which we’ve completed was with Oz Aid to install a flood-! warning system on China’s Yangtze River."

Domestically the company also has a host of major projects on the move.

It’s just won a contract with Santos Coal in Queensland to install monitoring technology across its mines in the Surat Basin.

It is also fulfilling a $70,000 contract with Coffs Harbour City Council to design and cost a flood warning system for the Coffs Creek and Newports Creek-Boambee Creek catchment.

Solving water management issues for governments has become its niche.

"It’s a lucrative industry and our competition really is quite limited worldwide," he said.

"Because of our diversity we are market leaders. The formula for success for us is simple. Everything in business is about relationships and repeat business is the easiest business."

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