Community makes Christmas magic

'TIS the season for giving - and it seems Coffs Coast residents are in the spirit.

Each year, December sees the launch of the Adopt-a-Family appeal, giving ordinary people a chance to make Christmas special for those who are less fortunate.

And this year, the response has been amazing, according to LifeHouse Care.

“We've already adopted out 41 families,” co-ordinator, Carol Sleep, said.

“It's just been brilliant, we've done very well. But we're still adding to the list, and there's plenty of need out there.”

She said this year donations were especially important, given the current financial situation.

“There will be some people receiving nice bonuses from the Government, but that will often just cover the bills,” she said.

“Rent is so dear; some families have been dealing without a washing machine, things like that.

“We're finding we have a lot more single dads this year; grandparents that are raising their grandchildren, or families that are affected by illness or disability.

“Medical expenses are a huge problem for a lot of the families - so this really makes a difference. It's like a total bright light shining in the dark.”

And you can help make Christmas special for those people that are struggling by 'adopting' a family - simply nominate a family from the list in today's Advocate, ring up the relevant organisation and start putting together a hamper full of non-perishable food items and children's toys.

Carol said there had been a number of instances where people who had needed help the year before returning the favour when they were in a position to.

“What goes around comes around,” Carol said.

“If all of the community gets together, it just makes that Christmas magic.”

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