Communications not up to scratch

CURRENT methods used by Coffs Harbour City council to consult with the community fall far short of the mark says Northern Beaches council candidate Judi Chesney-Coward.

Ms Chesney-Coward said a prime example is the recent survey of the 2030 vision for our future which asked a largely time poor community to respond to three open-ended, long-winded questions advertised in the press, placed at various council facilities and on their web site.

“Council are ecstatic they received 250 responses out of 64,910 residents. This equates to 0.38 percent of the population," said Ms Chesney-Coward.

"What about the other 64,660? While this may be statistically acceptable I question the methods used both in the design of the survey and the ways it's circulated to the wider public."

She said council are now asking people to essentially 'drop everything' and attend workshops to continue discussions on this vision.

“These sorts of communication methods just don't work for the average family working two jobs, shuttling children around to various activities, attending to domestics and trying to relax in-between.

“Surveys are a great way of gauging public opinion but require careful design and need to be 'taken to the streets' via many methods if they're serious about effective communication.”

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