Editorial - Wednesday, July 22: Common cents plan for health

JACKING up the GST to 15% is sure to be a split decision.

An interesting online poll had readers voting 56% for the move and 44% against.

So it seems the slight majority may accept the government is making the right call at looking to cover a $35 billion shortfall in health budgets by 2030.

Labor is dead against the plan, calling it "lazy tax reform" to hurt low income earners.

So with that on board obviously there need to be other fundraising paths investigated.

An obvious start to save money is to scrap the five cent piece.

So irrelevant and unwanted by today's terms, they fill car ash trays, piggy banks and cash registers and fall into stormwater drains and lounge chairs.

With as many as 200 million in circulation, could they not be gifted back to the government by the generous public?

The Australian Mint says the humble two-gram copper and nickel echidna coin now costs seven cents to produce - more costly than its face value?

Once they're gone prices may rise and perhaps charities may lose donations, but there's no denying this 49-year-old coin has, like the one and two cent pieces before it, had its day.

Try arguing against this in taking a handful of them to a vending machine or car wash.

Matt Deans,

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