Victorious Broncos congratulate each other on their win over the Comets.
Victorious Broncos congratulate each other on their win over the Comets. The Coffs Coast Advocate

Comets hit by Bronco surge

ONCE word gets around about the quality of Dunghutti's 44-20 win over Coffs Harbour at Advocate Park yesterday, every Group 2 club will be looking over their shoulder for the wild cards of the premiership.

Another barnstorming second half carried the Broncos to victory with rookie pivot Edgar Cowell calling the shots and seemingly having the ball on a string.

But the real stars were a hardworking forward pack, especially the back row of George Jarrett, Dion Marr and Chris Morecombe, who toiled away to create a platform on which the dazzlers in the outfit could strut their stuff.

"I've got to keep their heads out of the clouds as we haven't made the semi finals and we haven't even made our own place in the 'five' as yet," captain-coach Paul Davis said.

"Whatever comes along now is a bonus; we expected to be competitive and win a few games but with the player calibre I have here, it's pretty frightening.

"Still, it pays to be a realist as a lot can change between now and the end of the year."

Speaking of realists, Comets skipper Aaron Dyett knew exactly where the wheels fell off.

"After the strong second half last week, this week we fell to pieces in the same period," he said.

"There was 'talk' among the boys and it was constructive but at times we went forward too easy, pushed the pass wide and watched it all fall apart."

The Broncos nosed ahead 18-14 by the break but after returning were almost perfect with just three handling mistakes and a failure to complete a set on two occasions.

With his confidence growing each time he touched the ball, little Edgar Cowell gradually set the team alight and they raced in five splendid tries, reminiscent of the best qualities of Orara, Macksville and Macleay combined.

As for the Comets, they made 14 errors in the same period of time and Dyett agrees his troops may have had their minds on this week's centenary clash with Bellingen.

"If we take that same attitude in against the Magpies, we'll get thumped," he said.

Dyett did get one moment of joy when Riki Epiha scored a consolation try in the dying seconds.

"At least we finished on a positive," he said.

"It doesn't get us the points and doesn't cancel out the bad bits but at least it was something."

The Comets next play Bellingen Magpies on Wednesday at BCU International Stadium from 7pm.

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