Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney star in the TV series The Katering Show.
Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney star in the TV series The Katering Show.

Comedic Kates cook up catering classic

IN CASE you missed it, the wildly funny Katering Show made its debut on the ABC last week.

The cooking-themed comedy series gained a following on YouTube last year thanks to the snarky humour of hosts Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan.

The "Kates" took the mickey out of everything, from the ridiculously expensive Thermomix to the sugar-free diet and ethical food trends.

It became a social media sensation - the Thermomix clip alone has been viewed more than two million times - and was even featured on NPR's US drive-time radio show All Things Considered.

Dubbed "the journey of a food intolerant and an intolerant foodie", the show has moved to Aunty's iView streaming service.

Sporting wildly over-styled hairdos and outfits, the Kates cut straight to the point by making fun of their TV deal and fancy mainstream TV budget.

And with the popularity of reality cooking shows like MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules, there appears to be no shortage of food trends for them to spoof.

From hipster ramen noodles to pop-up restaurants and mummy mocktails, the food and restaurant scenes of our capital cities are ripe for sarcasm.

Both Kates are comedy writers and actresses from Melbourne. McLennan takes on the role of the show's obsessive compulsive cook who says things like "the simple act of stirring a pot creates a quietness and calm in my brain; it's the only time I feel like that without taking prescription medication".

McCartney, on the other hand, is her lactose and gluten-intolerant co-host who also seems to be intolerant of nearly everything else, including cooking.

Her idea of giving someone a hand in the kitchen is "opening a bottle of $8 white wine in a separate house, in a different suburb, later that week".

The Kates are pushing the boundaries with this show and their style of humour isn't for everyone.

If jokes about breast milk ice cream, bad cheese puns or colourful language are likely to offend then this isn't the show for you.

But if they don't put you off, then The Katering Show is likely to tickle your funny bone.

All eight episodes of The Katering Show are on iView now.

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