Rubbish debate on Facebook

COFFS Coast residents’ annoyance at their garbage collection service has flared on a popular social networking site.

By 4pm yesterday afternoon, 235 people had joined a Facebook group called ‘Coffs Red Bins should be emptied weekly – not fortnightly’.

“The group is great. It’s nice to see some action being taken, and hopefully council will see the need for this service,” group member Mrs Campbell of Coffs Harbour said.

Mrs Campbell lives with her husband and their infant son in the Jetty area and is sick of overflowing bins despite recycling as much as she can and using the green bin.

“I’m sick of the bins smelling, I’m sick of my bins overfilling, and having to sometimes store rubbish bags in my backyard until the bin is emptied,” she said.

Other member’s comments on the page mirror Mrs Campbell’s waste issues.

“All they (Coffs Harbour City Council) need to do is collect all three every week, red and green because things rot in them and attract maggots and yellow because of the ludicrous amount of recycling I have,” one member posted.

“I have three kids under four and our bins are always extremely full and the red one has always had maggots in it since the beginning of summer, and our recycling is always full, too,” another member said.

A discussion about the bins being a health hazard has also begun amongst members.

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