Coffs ready for FIA World Rally

SEPTEMBER will see the FIA World Rally Championship come to town.

We know at this stage there will be sections run in Clarence Valley, Nambucca and Bellingen council areas but the real focus will be the ‘special stages’ run in Coffs Harbour.

This is a great opportunity to showcase our area to not only the rest of Australia but also the rest of the world.

It gives the chance to not only show off our beautiful coastline but also our mountains, rainforests and rivers and accentuate the beauty and diversity of the region.

It will present challenges to our businesses, particularly those in hospitality and retail.

There will be late finishes to the day’s events and then the hordes will want to shop and eat outside hours which our businesses normally cater for.

There will be hundreds of people working as crew for overseas factory teams who will descend on your businesses wanting to buy your products and avail themselves of your services and undoubtedly fine foods.

We need to start considering how we will cater for the throngs that will come as part of this show, what will our staffing levels need to be, who on our staff speak other languages, how can we overcome language barriers, what hours are we likely to need to operate.

Many of these questions will have no immediate answer but we need to keep them in mind as we prepare for this great opportunity and ensure that all participants have the best experience that they possibly can.

This event is up for grabs for the next three years and should be a huge boost to local economy so we need to ensure we do everything we possibly can to have it come to us for that period.

We also have coming up for the entire month of May the Third Annual North Coast Innovation Festival with events held from the Tweed to Taree.

There will be several events held in this region and it presents the opportunity for businesses to look at ways of improving productivity and reducing costs.

Events will be held in Coffs on May 10, 12, 17, 18, 23, 24 and 25.

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The Coffs Harbour Careers Expo is on again.

This will take place on May 24 at Coffs Harbour Racing Club and the event sees senior students brought in from across the region to investigate further education and career pathways.

The aim is to give them information they require to make the very important decisions they will be facing about their futures over at the end of this year.

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