Blitz on to catch drink drivers

YOU have nowhere to hide if you plan to drink and drive on the Coffs Coast.

Police have embarked on a mammoth blitz on the Pacific Highway, other major roads and even back roads as part of a 72-hour statewide crackdown.

They will also target speeding, fatigue and the non-wearing of seatbelts in the high-visibility policing operation.

Acting Sergeant Wally Brooks from Coffs Harbour highway patrol said drivers who got behind the wheel after drinking could expect to find themselves in serious trouble.

“We have had cases where people have walked up to their car drunk and when they’ve looked around and spotted police they’ve walked away,” Sgt Brooks said.

“If you plan to drink, put some money aside for a cab to get home. It’s better than losing your licence, your job, or your life.”

Traffic Services Commander for NSW, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, said motorists could expect to see police in vast numbers throughout the region.

“We’ll be out in force to catch those motorists who endanger the lives of others by getting behind the wheel drunk,” Mr Hartley said.

“Police will not only be targeting major freeways, highways and motorways but back streets as well – so if you drink and drive there’s the very real chance you’ll be caught.”

Two people died in separate crashes statewide during last year’s three-day operation.

Police conducted 126,408 random breath tests and charged 469 people with drink-driving, booked 2517 speeding motorists and issued fines for 5087 other traffic offences.

“The effect of alcohol on one’s ability to drive safely is well-documented but every day we are still catching motorists who put themselves and others at risk by drinking and driving,” Mr Hartley said.

“We aim, through this high-visibility operation to reduce the incidence of drink-driving and associated crashes.”

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