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Photo: Iain Curry Iain Curry

Coffs motorists pay up as camera fine revenue soars

MOTORISTS travelling on the Coffs Coast poured almost $1.5 million into State Government coffers in the last financial year as revenue from speed and red light cameras hit a record high.

New data from the Office of State Revenue shows the government netted $1,463,998 from 17 fixed cameras on the Coffs Coast in the 2014-15 financial year - a jump of 24.3% from 2013-14.

The biggest earner was the fixed camera on the Pacific Hwy at Korora with $791,827 in fines issued from 3731 infringement notices - an average of $2,169 each day.

The 12 fixed cameras on the Pacific Hwy between Macksville and Halfway Creek resulted in a total of 6149 fines, with hotspots including Valla with $299,309 in fines, and North Macksville with $129,850.

$102,433 was meanwhile issued from Pine Creek Way at Bonville, and $31,610 from Hogbin Dr in Coffs Harbour.

Speeding infringmenets issued by police also rose 3% in 2014-15 with 3832 motorists incurring fines totalling $1,161,561.

April was the worst month for speeding with 406 penalty notices issued, followed by January with 379 fines and December with 374 fines.

Other figures released by the OSR show 2999 motorists incurring parking fines in the Coffs Harbour City Council region, down 8% on 2013-14.

Mobile phone offences were on the rise on the Coffs Coast as were seat belt offences with 197 notices issued.

Across NSW, the State Government netted a record $178.1 million from fixed speed and red light cameras, up from $153.7 million in 2013-14 and $129.4 million in 2012-13.

NSW Labour has accused the State Government of using motorists as "cash cows" due to the rollout of new cameras across the state.

Road and Freight Minister Duncan Gay rebutted claims saying the NSW government put in no more cameras than Labor announced in 2010.

The National Roads and Motorists' Association has called for a fairer system to be introduced including speed camera vehicles to be easily distinguished with high-visibility markings


What the Coffs Coast paid in fines 2014-15

$1,463,998 from 17 fixed speed and red light cameras.

$1,161,561 in speeding fines issued by police.

$391,227 in parking offences.

$61,579 in seatbelt offences in Coffs Harbour and Woolgoolga.

$47,687 in mobile phone offences.

$7260 in food safety offences from 12 infringements.

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