IT'S a sight that's said to test the fear factor of even the most hardened diver.

A one-tonne shadow from the deep muscling in on a shark feeding frenzy.  

A group of Coffs Coast divers had an amazing brush with just that - a monster tiger shark.

It was the highlight of this month's Jetty Dive trip to Fiji.

Brett Vercoe from underwater film company Liquid Focus said there was no mistaking the shark's vertical stripes as the giant tiger made her presence known.

"She is known as Lady Joyce and hadn't been seen by the local divers for eight months and low and behold she just happened to show up for us on our second dive," Brett said. 

"It was exciting for everyone.

"I'd say there was also tremendous fear among every one of the 16 divers, I certainly felt it.

"You are talking about a 1000-kilogram animal literally passing two metres in front of you and let's face it a fear of sharks is just inherent in most people.  

"In relative terms you wouldn't get that close to a wild tiger would you. 

As handlers used metal prongs to guide the shark, it's predatory instincts took over with its eyes rolling back into its sockets for protection.   

"As you can see in the vision a lot of the smaller sharks travelled on the same horizontal plane while making a pass at us to grab a piece of fish, but the tiger she was able to turn around completely on her tail.  

"Just when you thought she had passed you with a flick of her tail she was right back in front of you - amazing really.  

The dozen Coffs Coast locals were treated to the tiger shark experience while diving with Aqua Trek, south of Fiji off Pacific Harbour, on a trip organised by Mike and Deb Davey of Jetty Dive. 


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