Coffs Deep Sea Fishing Club news

WELL it is getting towards the pointy end of the competition year, weather permitting there are only two regular monthly comps left but the out of hours comp is quickly drawing to a close.

For those wishing or hoping to record an entry you only have until the end of May to do so, with a bit of luck everything will align this weekend for some great fishing.

Next weekend is our May competition, species are snapper, pearl perch, flathead, kingfish, teraglin, samsonfish, cobia and spanish or spotted mackerel with reserves of mulloway and morwong.

Fishing times are 5am Saturday to back in the harbour 12.30pm Sunday, remember gilled and gutted fish to be in the weigh area before 1.30pm Sunday.

Thirty members of the Brighton Le-sands club arrived pumped for action last Friday to be greeted with rising winds and seas.

There was little fishing action however Sunday proved a little better and some twenty two visitors took to the sea in local boats.

Most boats were crewed by a visitor and a local although one local Michael Stanton-Rees was left dockside again for a while as apparently most crews actually wanted to catch fish.

Finally the Mclaughlin's relented and took him for a run, should keep him quite for a week or two.

After two days of talking about fishing the visitors were keen and it was time to get stuck in but l really there was not much else to do but talk some more as the fish were hard to secure.

On their return the crews were spoilt with a great lunch prepared on the spit by masterchef hopefull Ray Martin who worked tirelessly for the duration of the visit.

The weekend concluded with the Two fathers -Two clubs trophy going to Coffs Harbour, that is once the trophy was located, it is now under lock and key somewhere in the clubhouse.

Should be some great conditions this weekend for fishing and Mother's day on Sunday too, hope she gets the GPS she has been asking for.

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