Coffs creek still full of silt

AS wild weather rages across the Coffs Coast, the debate as to why the Coffs Creek mouth hasn't been cleared is firing.

Coffs Harbour mayor Keith Rhoades said the council had been cleaning the drains around the area, particularly around the council chambers and creek, to make sure they were in the best position to cope with predicted weather.

But the Coffs Creek mouth remains built up with silt.

Mr Rhoades said the decision with dredging the creek mouth lies with the Marine Park Authority.

“There's a lot of approval process you have to go through. I've had a lot of comments from people who want to know why nothing has been done about the creek mouth,” he said.

“But it really comes down to commonsense. If you've got a bath full of water and you want to get rid of it, you pull the plug. The sand build up in the Coffs Creek is the plug,” he said.

But regional manager for the Department of Environment and Climate Change, Alan Jeffery, said applications for dredging need to be made to the Marine Parks Authority.

“There has been no formal proposal to the Marine Park Authority for the dredging of Coffs Creek in relation to flood debris,” he said.

“If there were, we would be happy to meet with the council and other agencies to consider any proposal.”

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