The Big Banana.
The Big Banana.

What is Coffs famous for?

THERE are dozens of things Coffs Harbour is famous for – now all we need to do is pitch one that is worthy of winning a national competition which could see us walk away with $50,000.

Local tongues are wagging about the ‘What Is Your Town Famous For?’ competition on Channel Seven’s breakfast program, Sunrise, which gives any town in Australia the chance to win $50,000 to put back into the community and have the show broadcast from the city one morning.

Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce president Peter Lubans said there was a number of interesting things Coffs Harbour could promote as its ‘trademark’.

“Of course, there’s the Big Banana for starters,” he said.

“There was also ‘El Presidente’ of the Banana Republic, Garry Nehl, that was a huge campaign that Coffs was well known for.

“We’re also known as a bit of a hub for movies stars in the region, with Russell Crowe, Jack Thompson and dozens of others that most wouldn’t even know about.”

Also on his list were the Solitary Islands, which are home to the southern-most coral reefs in the world and the fact that Coffs Harbour is just one of three points in Australia where the Great Dividing Range meets the sea.

“Then, of course, we have the wonderful beaches and the largest airport outside a metropolitan area,” he said.

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