Coffs, Port dominate rep teams

COFFS Harbour and Port Macquarie players dominate the 22-man Upper Mid North Coast squad taking on the Lower zone XV in Crescent Head tomorrow.

Only Kempsey duo Brad Booth and Scott Edwards and South West Rocks reserve Dane Tangimetua have been able to force their way past candidates from the heavyweight clubs of MNC rugby.

Team manager Mat Quirk said only three variations had been made to the original selections.

“We lost three key players due to injury,” he said. “Outside back Dylan Hurley of Coffs Rugby Breakers was an early withdrawal and Port Pirates pair Tom Valentine (halfback) and Jordan Macey (fullback) were lost from weekend club matches.”

Coffs Crushers captain-coach will skipper the side with assistance from Port Pirates’ Matt Mane.

The day begins with the under-20s fixture at 1.30pm followed by the main event at 3pm.

Upper Mid North Coast First XV

1 Nick Dobson (Pirates)

2 Kelvin Rushworth (Breakers)

3 Brad Booth (Cannonballs)

4 David Keys (Vikings)

5 Joel Riddle (Crushers)

6 Villi Vatuvili (Crushers)

7 Scott Edwards (Cannonballs)

8 Craig Landrigan (Crushers)

9 Gill Hopely (Vikings)

10 Paul Chaplin (Vikings)

11 Dwayne Fox (Breakers)

12 Matt Mane (Pirates)

13 Kris Kent (Breakers)

14 Darryl Thompson (Pirates)

15 Tim Platt (Pirates)


16 Cameron Wainwright (Crushers)

17 Craeg Pow (Crushers)

18 Lucas Webb (Pirates)

19 Joe Tonkin (Vikings)

20 Chad Joseph (Pirates)

21 Dane Tangimetua (Gaolers)

22 Thomas Emes (Pirates)

Coach: Bruce Frame

Assistant Coach: Nathan Gargiulo

Manager: Mat Quirk

Trainer: Garry Heskett


Upper Mid North Coast under-20 XV

1 Tod Giddey (Cannonballs)

2 Bill Mills (Crushers)

3 Tim Hartman (Crushers)

4 Steve Tong (Breakers)

5 John Korff (Breakers)

6 Logan Marshall (Vikings)

7 Michael Larkin (Vikings)

8 Scott Munro (Pirates)

9 Luke Chaplin (Vikings)

10 David Angus (Crushers)

11 Mark Harris (Pirates)

12 Jake Clay (Cannonballs)

13 Mitch Hetherington (Vikings)

14 Martin Roods (Pirates)

15 Corey Gale (Cannonballs)



16 Daniel Wilson (Breakers)

17 Joe Witchard (Cannonballs)

18 Jacob Mainey (Cannonballs)

19 Aiden Davey (Gaolers)

20 Chris Turnham (Pirates)

21 Craig Landsdowne (Vikings)

22 Chris Williams (Pirates)

23 Ricky Iliffe (Vikings)

24 Owen Roods (Vikings)

Coach: Des Hoy

Assistant Coach: Al Tonkin

Manager: Tony Davies

Trainer: Doug Piper

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