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Coffs/Clarence Police improving community ties

COFFS/CLARENCE police are getting a helping hand to better serve their community.

NSW Police Cultural Diversity Team, which visited Coffs Harbour yesterday, is helping officers to develop closer ties with the community.

Spokeswoman Judy Saba said this involved looking at the skills, abilities and knowledge of local police. “It's about looking at the tools and skills needed in building relationships, and also encouraging members of the community to report crime to police,” Ms Saba said. “The community wants this as well. The community wants to build relationships with police.”

Ms Saba said the team's primary focus was on the newer migrants to our area.

Another team member, Waleed Younan, said this program was an initiative of local police.

“We are a resource for all police,” he said.

Detective Chief Inspector Jason Breton said local police supported the work of the CDT.

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