No future plan for city rail

COFFS Harbour’s Draft City Centre Plan does not allow for a shift towards rail transport for the city’s urban area, although it was a high priority in community consultation for the 2030 Vision for the city.

On Thursday Coffs Harbour City Council will debate the Draft Local Environment Plan based on the State Government’s City Centre Plan and Cr Rodney Degens wants to see light rail acknowledged in the LEP.

He said at present cars and buses were the only forms of urban transport considered.

“The presently proposed LEP is locking the motor vehicle in as the only vehicle of choice for transport by limiting the density of development around future station sites along the North Coast rail line,’ Cr Degens said.

“For a future train service to eventually become a practical reality in Coffs Harbour, increased density must be allowed to occur around future station sites.

“The proposed LEP limits development, particularly in the Park Beach area, and concentrates all future development in the CBD.

“The 2030 vision community consultation put a priority number one a shift towards rail for transport for Coffs Harbour.

“Councillors have been fully supportive of investigations into rail for Coffs Harbour.

“What we don’t want to see is an LEP that locks out any possibility of a rail service for the next couple of decades.

“Relaxation of development controls around the Coffs Harbour rail station, at Park Beach and also for one extra station site in the vicinity of Orara High School or Baringa Hospital can be done now."

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