Geoff Mould will be painting a different picture for Coffs Rugby players in 2011.
Geoff Mould will be painting a different picture for Coffs Rugby players in 2011. Trevor Veale

Coaching is an art for Coffs man

WITH a wealth of top-level coaching experience under his belt, new Coffs Rugby coach Geoff Mould is forthright in his views as to what style of rugby his team will be playing this year.

“All the teams that I’ve coached, and there’s been a lot of them over the years, have stuck very much to the pattern of play that I demand and that’s running rugby,” Mould said.

“I’m not into the kicking business, rolling mauls and repetitive scrums. It’s boring.”

It’s a voice of authority that comes from years of experience.

Mould’s coaching resume includes stints coaching Australian Schoolboys teams, Sydney first grade, NSW Country as well as MNC Rugby premierships with the Snappers in the late 1990s.

The new coach believes in the basic principles of the game firstly being taught by him and then being adhered to by the players.

“If you can’t handle and you can’t tackle and you can’t run, go and play ring-a-ring-a rosy or drop the hanky because there’s a game out there for you but it’s not rugby,” the 77-year-old said.

“Those are the elements that you’ve got to have.”

A budding artist who is preparing for an exhibition of his work later in the year, Mould decided to throw his hat in the ring after observing the club’s performances in 2010.

“I saw a couple of games last year and I saw that the captain was doing the coaching and that doesn’t really work.

“It’s not fair. If you don’t obey your own instructions then the players are not going to either.”

Coffs Rugby president Richard Officer says that being able to welcome Mould into the fold is a real coup for the club.

“We have had some great coaches over the years but with Geoff on board it brings a wealth of international talent to the club which we hope will show in the on-field performances,” Officer said.

“Other clubs and rival codes pay big money for elite coaches but Geoff has offered his services and we are thankful for that with guys already commenting on his coaching ethic.

“It is a pleasure to have such a high profile coach taking all grades through their paces. Young players coming through will only benefit.

“One other aspect is that with Geoff at the helm, the positions in the first 15 will be highly contested which is exactly what we want to see in our club.”

Coffs Rugby announced during the week that it will be reverting back to one first grade team in 2011.

Mould admits that he could see the merits in having both the Crushers and Breakers representing the club in the past but he admits that as the new coach he’s happy there is now only one.

“I could understand the motives for having the two teams and I didn’t get involved in any of that argument,” he said.

“It had nothing to do with me but I wasn’t enamoured of the idea I must say because I could see that people who were getting to play in first grade didn’t bother to come to training.”

And a lack of training is one of Mould’s pet hates.

“My attitude is going to be very, very definite. The ones who train will play,” he said.

“Even if they’re not the best team they will be the ones who play.”

This afternoon Coffs Rugby will be completing its preparations for the MNC rugby season – which starts in seven days – by playing against SCU Marlins at Bishop Druitt College.

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