Intra-clubs assured funds secure

MOST bowlers would be stunned by the news their parent club had been placed into voluntary administration, Richard Guest said yesterday.

Mr Guest is the vice president of the West Coffs Men’s Bowling Club, whose 170 registered bowling members are based at Club Coffs in West High Street, as are about 100 women bowlers.

Club Coffs was placed into voluntary administration by its board of directors on Monday

The club is home to the West Coffs Men’s and Women’s Bowling Clubs, a tennis club, a travel club and billiards and darts competitions.

It has recently completed two new futsal soccer courts and is known for its generous support of other local community organisations, which rely on Club Coffs for meeting and event venues.

Mr Guest, who has been a club member since the 1970s, said although the announcement had ‘come straight out of left field’ for most members, there was no reason to think it was the end of the line, and other clubs, like Coffs Harbour Racing Club, had survived the experience.

He said the bowlers were a very active group and in the past few years had worked with the club at different times to ‘share the load’ and do what they could to help support it.

He said the intra-clubs had been assured their funds were secure.

“I believe the club has turned the corner in the past six months and the members of the board have recognised that there is a lot of restructuring to be done and it will emerge a stronger club than before,” Mr Guest said.

Club Coffs will be 43 years old this year.

Established in 1968, the club survived a fire in 1976, which razed to the ground the original club building, thanks to many hours of unpaid work by many enthusiastic members over many years.

“It is a very sad day for all the people who worked so hard to build the club,” said one of the founders of Club Coffs, life member Bill Mackay.

“Unfortunately I saw it coming.”

Mr Mackay was a founding director and remained on the board for more than 25 years.

Yesterday he queried the role of the club’s auditors in recent years, saying they should have alerted the directors to the trend over the past 12 years.

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