Hundreds of jobs are being lost at Australia Post
Hundreds of jobs are being lost at Australia Post

Clive Palmer blasts Australia Post over job losses

SUNSHINE Coast MP Clive Palmer has urged Australia Post's executive to think carefully about reforming their business model before slashing hundreds of jobs and causing more pain to everyday Australians.

Mr Palmer, who has slashed hundreds of jobs at his own Coolum resort, also questioned why managing director and CEO Ahmed Fahour can command a salary of almost $5million when the company's core business, letter delivery, was haemorrhaging so badly.

"The question has to be asked - did Australia Post move with the times and at what point did they foresee these losses in their letter delivery sector?" Mr Palmer said.

"Many regional people, both in my electorate and around Australia, rely on a regular postal service that is efficient and effective. Australia Post should be looking carefully at how they can make that sector of the business profitable and not just default to making cuts.

"Was it not the job of the managing director to analyse trends within the business and reconfigure the business model before it reached crisis point? Is it not reasonable to expect that from someone who earns a multi-million dollar salary and runs a business with few competitors?"

"Once again it is everyday Australians who will have to suffer with 900 people now predicted to lose their jobs. This is simply not good enough from Australia Post and the federal government should review their operations very closely," Mr Palmer added.

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