Clarence Valley to become an adventure playground

BRISBANE-based company Adventurethon will be unleashing its new Demolish format for the first time in the Clarence Valley.

The event which is scheduled to take place over the weekend of November 25-26, will comprise multiple extreme sporting legs across the Valley's diverse landscape including Bom Bom State Forest and The Gorge in the Upper Clarence.

Event director Joel Savage said they had been wanting to put on an event for some time where every leg is a stunner in its own right and the Clarence region fitted the bill in every way.

"This event will feature an amazing tour of the place, taking in some challenging but fun mountain biking, adventure running and paddling over two days," he said.

"We want people to bring their families or mates and settle in for some great camping and entertainment with seriously easy logistics and a warm, country atmosphere its heart."

Savage said he had travelled throughout a lot of Australia and said he was "completely blown away by the Clarence Valley".

"We have been checking out potential venues over the last few months and the hardest bit has been trying to figure out what not to include... the area really has some amazing scenery and I actually felt like I was out in the country with no beach in sight and great water flow through the rivers amazing Gorges on the run. It was hard to think I was only three-and-a-bit-hours south of Brisbane at times."

Savage said the people and organisations had been great to deal with during the scouting process.

"Everyone has been really friendly and supportive. The private landowners giving us access for the event were great, the groups of clubs, kayaking club, mountain bike club and council has been really good. They are embracing it, participating in it, they are proud of what their town has. They also appreciate the economic stimulus to the town."

"They can see how smaller towns can benefit and it really feels like it has been getting good reaction. It's also a massive asset for other events looking to come to the area. We even had girl guides and scouts wanting to be involved."

Savage said he first came across this area when it was recommended by someone who had been here.

"It's really a bit of a secret place, it's not as well known as it should be," he said.

"I'd ridden the trails at Bom Bom before and really loved them and thought it was worth further investigation. I've found some beautiful things in the area over the past 12 months. This event will be a bit of a showcase of those things that people might not have seen before. It's all great."

Savage said they would be targeting the south-east Queensland market because it was only three or four hours drive away.

"We would expect up to 400 competitors to sign up for this first event and then it should grow to 800 maybe 1000 by the third year," he said.

"That's usually how long it takes to build up the size of the event and grow the reputation of the area for what it is - a unique small town with a great vibe and great people."

Taste of Clarence Adventurethon

  • Stage One: Forest Flow Mountain Trail Bike - Bom Bom State Forest (10km/20-25km/40-50km courses).

If you are looking for a challenging, yet visually spectacular mountain bike course, this one is for you. With many kilometres of well-built single-track winding its way through the Bom Bom State Forest, sections of really unique riding, along with some exciting dirt jumps - this mountain bike course is just heaps of fun.

  • Stage Two: The Gorge Adventure Run - Clarence Valley Gorge Homestead (6km/11km/18km courses).

The run leg begins along cattle tracks that dance with the edge of the Clarence River and the edge of the gorge a few times early in the piece, with sections veering higher in the landscape and through various plants and crossing a few small creeks and wetlands. After the cattle track you will turn to the edge of the river and follow the rocks along where a decision point to be made for either long or short course.

  • Stage Three: Clarence River Rush Paddle (2km/9km/20km courses).

The usual ocean paddle is replaced in Clarence Valley event by a stunning river paddle. This paddle will be very exciting for first timers in rapids and also safe enough for beginners to just "have a crack" and learn as they go. Advanced (older) paddlers have opportunities to get ahead at rapids and try to fight off fitter younger paddlers as they fight back on the flats. You can forget about all the stresses/routines of life and completely lose yourself in the adventure of this paddle. It is quite isolated/remote/wilderness paddle - so you won't see any roads till the finish line. This is the perfect opportunity for an ocean paddler to try their first rapids race.

  • Competitors can do one or all three stages across the weekend. For more details and bookings visit the Adventurethon website.

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