Water restrictions loom with water use well up on 2016 level

IPSWICH residents are using considerably more water than last year.

The usage spike comes as the combined water storage level for south-east Queensland nears 70%, at which point drought response measures are activated.

Water grid dam levels are on track to reach the 70% mark early this month, with the level last Thursday at 71.2%.

For the 14 days to September 20 the average daily residential consumption of water in central SEQ, which includes Ipswich, was 197 litres per person.

This time last year, consumption was at 143 litres per person. 

Seqwater communication manager Mike Foster said the winter just gone, with its record hot and dry temperatures, "had seen water use across south-east Queensland increase on average between 25 to 30 litres per person per day compared to last winter".

The regional average was 185 litres per person per day, compared to 156 litres per person last year.

"The region's drought response plan includes a drought readiness phase when the combined levels of water grid dams reach 70%," Mr Foster said.

"This phase is about getting south-east Queensland ready for the possibility of drought and will encourage increased water efficiency.

"One of the key lessons from the millennium drought is the importance of engaging with the community early."

Mr Foster said that the millennium drought showed the community's willingness to help conserve drinking supply.

"By better managing our water supply we can help delay and even potentially avoid the need for formal water restrictions," he said.

"At 60% capacity voluntary water conservation measures will be implemented encouraging the community to limit its water use to 150 litres per person per day.

"The nature of the south-east Queensland climate means we all should be water wise."

Water saving tips 


  • Avoid watering the garden in the heat of the day and use a good mulch
  • Keep the pool cover on when the pool is not in use
  • Use tank water for watering the garden and topping up the pool
  • Check for concealed leaks on your property
  • Wash your car on the lawn   


  • Install water efficient devices and appliances
  • Take shorter showers
  • Do full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher
  • Don't leave the tap running to brush your teeth or rinse fruit and vegetables - half fill the sink instead
  • Fix leaking taps and toilets as soon as possible

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