City's fountain won't be mist

COFFS Harbour City Square's famous and infamous mist fountain has been removed.

The word from Coffs Harbour City Council is that the steel standing stones with their spark- ling but rarely-seen lights and the clouds of fine water vapour will be replaced with a drinking water fountain and water bottle refilling station.

Apparently the fountain has not been working properly for some time and it must be admitted that many people did not even know what it was.

The intention of the fountain's nebulous emanations was to make it a safe public water


There was no possibility that people could fall into the fountain and drown, causing insurance headaches for a council which once found itself in court in Ireland over a swimmer who became disabled after diving into Coffs Creek.

During Coffs Harbour's years of drought the fountain was turned off to conserve water and never really regained centre stage.

City Square has become the home of the Coffs Coast Growers' Market, with stallholders becoming accustomed to clustering around the fountain, with small regard for its watery aspects.

This led to one incident when the fountain was turned on and some bystanders called the fire brigade, convinced that the tall, slim steel pillar was about to explode into flames.

Vale the fountain.

Perhaps it will be recycled, or repaired to reappear at another location in the city.

There is precedent for such a move. The Jester, which was originally created to indicate the city centre's entertainment precinct of pubs, clubs and (then) cinemas, was whisked away from Vernon Street – where it had earned the mayor's disapproval as unbefitting a location near the Cenotaph – to the Jetty Theatre, where it presides over the theatre's outdoor area.

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