Chop lookout trees

MAYBE it is a problem for approaching aircraft, but the tree height on Beacon Hill has been an issue for tourism for the past several years since the drought broke.

And your photo (CCA looking back) from 30 years ago shows there were no trees there - so what bright spark decided to plant them?

Surely they are not the correct species for the location.

When I was first in Coffs (over 12 years ago) one of life's occasional pleasures was to get some fish and chips from the local shop and sit in the car at the Beacon Hill look-out watching the ocean, beach, planes and trains while enjoying lunch.

Park there until this week and all you could see was trees.

I used to take visitors to Beacon Hill to see one of the best views on the North Coast.

Now, we drive to Sawtell and the fish and chip shop there gets the business as Sawtell has the views.

CASA and Virgin jets is one thing, but Department of Primary Industries is just an excuse by a lazy council who values doing nothing above taking the fight to DPI on behalf of tourism and locals alike to keep the views.

Who planted the trees - they should replace them with low ground-cover.

Roger Hallett

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