Experts warn chocolate can kill family dog

IF YOU love your dog, think carefully before you're tempted to give him chocolate over the Easter break.

This is the warning from the Animal Health Alliance to owners who love to treat their dog like one of the family when it comes to sharing chocolate Easter goodies.

"Chocolate can be fatal to some dogs," Doggie Business owner and dog trainer Suzanne Wright said.

"They can get sick and disorientated and it can affect their vital organs."

While Ms Wright says not all dogs are affected so dramatically by eating chocolate, she advises the risk is not worth taking.

Apart from the dog's safety, you could end up with a big veterinary bill.

"Chocolate can be a toxin to dogs," she said.

"Everything shuts down, so it's important to be careful, especially if you have a puppy.

"Puppies love anything that's bright and colourful left on the floor so keep Easter eggs well out of the way."

Animal Health Alliance CEO Peter Holdsworth urges everyone to take extra precaution with all pets over Easter.

"We are a nation of pet lovers with nearly six million dogs and cats in the country's eight million households," Dr Holdsworth said.

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