Children's Christmas presents pinched

THE Grinch has struck early this year, after a Coffs Coast family of eight came home on Friday to find almost $3000 worth of Christmas presents stolen before they could even go under the tree.

Dawn Amos thought lay-buying the Christmas presents this year would ease some of the financial burden of the festive season, especially since Dawn is due to go into hospital for an operation in early December.

She has been paying off $2300 worth of gifts since June, and last week she picked up the purchases, wrapped them and put them away, secure in the knowledge that her six children and two step children would have a great Christmas.

But that all changed on Friday when the family came home to their house in Bucca to find the entire swag of presents was gone.

“They've destroyed my children's Christmas,” a devastated Dawn said yesterday.

The stolen presents included clothes for 18-month old Max, bracelets for daughters Karly, Keisha and Kristy, board games and watches for sons Christian and Kurt, and a chainsaw and boat motor for father Brett.

“Christmas was done, but now the clothes have been ripped from my kids' backs,” Dawn said. “I can't stop crying because I can't believe someone would do this.”

Ironically, Dawn and her family moved to Bucca last year after being subjected to numerous break-ins at their house in Coffs Harbour.

“We came out here for a change, to get away from the crime. But the slimebags must have followed us,” Dawn said.

She said news of the burglary has sent shockwaves through the town of Bucca.

“Our neighbours said nothing like this has happened in 20 years,” she said.

As well as the presents, the callous thieves also stole money from around the home, but Dawn's biggest concern is the gifts.

“Just bring the stuff back and let my kids have Christmas,” she said.

Coffs Harbour police are investigating the incident.

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