NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith.
NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith.

Child-sex offender program, axed

A REHABILITATION program for child-sex offenders, which experts believe significantly reduces the risk of re-offending, has been axed in NSW.

From September 1, anyone charged with a child-sex offence will not be eligible to join the program which will be phased out at the Cedar Cottage in Sydney's West.

NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith said the program did not reflect community expectations and was not supported by the State Government.

Sydney University professor Tony Vinson told the Herald that research conducted by an Australian School of Policing graduate suggested the program more than halved the rate of re-offending.

According to her research, child sex offenders who took part in program had a re-offending rate of 5% but for those who were not offered rehabilitation, the rate of offending jumped to 12%.

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