Chamber has plans to use old billboard

PIECE OF THE PUZZLE: The Chamber of Commerce is working to promote Woolgoolga as a tourist destination.
PIECE OF THE PUZZLE: The Chamber of Commerce is working to promote Woolgoolga as a tourist destination. Trevor Veale

THE state of the Whale Watch Headland billboard is in line for a makeover.

IN RESPONSE to the 'First impressions' letter to the editor published in the Woolgoolga Advertiser on July 18, the Woolgoolga and Northern Beaches Chamber of Commerce is working toward a long term resolution to the shabby welcome motorists receive as they drive into Woolgoolga.

In the short term, the chamber is intent on improving its appearance so it no longer looks like a forgotten relic and is planning to use it to promote the fast-approaching Curryfest festival.

With the highway bypass and the changing business environment in Woolgoolga, the Chamber feels the need to work proactively with businesses to help them adapt and work together and a spokesperson said it's keen to ensure the competitiveness of our local businesses by promoting Woolgoolga as a tourist destination.

With an eye on ensuring strong promotion of the northern beaches hamlet, the website has been updated and produced a television advertisement to keep Woolgoolga in the minds of potential tourists.

There's also been plenty of  focus on promoting Woolgoolga's premier cultural even, Curryfest.

Another area of focus is the signs on the upgraded sections of the Pacific Hwy advocating Woolgoolga and encouraging highway traffic to come in and take a look.

While not there yet, these signs are in the pipeline.

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