Divestment Day Coffs Harbour.
Divestment Day Coffs Harbour. Rob Cleary / Seen Australia

Cards cut up in protest

FIFTEEN Coffs Coast locals will publicly cut up their credit cards today as a statement against their banks' investment in the fossil fuel industry.

Participants will also shut down their accounts with Australia's big four banks, opting to switch to banks that do not lend to coal, gas and oil projects.

The event is part of Australia's second national Divestment Day, which will see hundreds of people across the country cutting up their credit cards to attract the attention of the major banks.

Local business owner and organiser with Coffs Harbour Climate Change Action Group Catie Dale said the local participants hoped the event would send a message to the big banks that it was not okay to profit at the expense of our communities.

Catie said she appreciated the show of support from the 15 locals, as she knew first-hand that closing a bank account could be a difficult and time-consuming process.

"I closed my account with ANZ at the first Divestment Day in May," she said. "When I found out my bank was funding the fossil fuel industry, I decided I couldn't support that. Now my savings account is with a bank that invests in our local area, in a socially responsible way, and I feel really good about that."

Participants will meet at City Square on Harbour Drive, outside St George Bank, wearing T-shirts stating: "My bank chose fossil fuels so I chose a different bank."

The event will begin at 11am today. Find out more at www.marketforces.org.au/divestmentday.

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