BYRON MAYOR: Councillor Simon Richardson.
BYRON MAYOR: Councillor Simon Richardson. Contributed

Can't afford to miss this forum

WHAT is 'affordable housing'? What does it look like?

Affordable housing means different things to many people.

What is affordable for one person is not for another.

For one person it means being able to buy a house. For another is means being able to pay the rent without stress and the threat of moving each year.

Is it about having 'the roof' all to yourself.

Or sharing with a group of people?

And who is it for?

Who is the priority? The young, the elderly, the families?

And how is it funded? Is it the role of governments or can the community and private sectors play a key role?

And do we need to make changes to our planning laws to allow the potential for different housing options to occur?

Next month's, Byron Shire Affordable Housing Summit will open up these conversations with leading experts from around Australia.

Plus at the table will be local residents, politicians, bureaucrats, planners, academics and social enterprise leaders.

It's our opportunity to hear what is available in our area, what has worked in other parts of Australia and the types of funding models currently available.

Bear in mind also - there is no-one-size-fits-all.

We need to learn from others to see what can work in our Shire with the aim of supporting locals to continue to live in Byron Shire.

We will need strong voices to advocate, we will need to work with housing suppliers and look outside of the standard four-by-two house.

The solution may take some time to ultimately see people in houses. But there could be solutions we can tap into straight away.

Affordable housing is a goal worth chasing as it will secure housing that keeps communities alive and ensure the very heart and character of our region continues for generations.

But we need to start and it's through positive input, learning and collaborating that we will make progress.

If you are passionate about housing and are keen to listen and contribute to a Byron Shire model, then join us at the table on Friday 10 Feburary. 

Register online at See you there.

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