Canberra snowfall turns capital into winter wonderland

THEY are used to the cold in Canberra, but a surprise snowfall on Wednesday took even locals by surprise.

The Bureau of Meteorology is calling it the capital's best snowfall since 2006.

The "super cold" conditions did not seem to worry Jo Redgrave and Clare O'Leary, who despite the frosty conditions were excited about the sudden change in weather.

"This is pretty amazing I have to admit," Ms Redgrave said.

MORE WEATHER: Thunderstorms moving rapidly over southern Qld

The pair were in a central part of Canberra, an area where the sight of snow is a rarity.

"I've lived here all my life. This is probably the third time I've seen snow."


The snow may only be the start for Canberra's weather dramas today, as the Bureau of Meteorology predicts a thunderstorm with a chance of hail through the afternoon.

The Bureau expects winds could reach up to 40kmh.

The excitement from Canberrans about the snowfall has created a flurry of activity on Twitter as users rush to capture the scene.



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