Lorraine and Wayne Murrell were the typical Aussie couple, very much in love.  Sadly Wayne, a truckie passed away after suffering a heart attack on September 1.
Lorraine and Wayne Murrell were the typical Aussie couple, very much in love. Sadly Wayne, a truckie passed away after suffering a heart attack on September 1.

Campaign to help grieving truckie's wife

THE last thing you want to think about after a loved one dies is how you're going to pay the bills, but that's the reality that Lorraine Murrell is facing after her husband died.

Wayne Murrell owned and operated Murrell Haulage out of Pitt Town, about 59km north-west of Sydney.

On September 1, he sadly passed away surrounded by his family a week after suffering a major heart attack.

Wayne was farewelled at Pitt Town church on September 7, he leaves behind his wife, Lorraine and two sons Jay and Daniel.

When Wayne first suffered the heart attack on August 24, his nephew Clint Hogan started a GoFundMe page to raise money to help pay the bills while his uncle recovered.

Now the money will help Lorraine get through this tough period without worrying about the bills piling up.

Unfortunately Wayne could not get life insurance and now there is no income helping meet the house and truck repayments.

With the GoFundMe page they've nearly reached $5000 of the $10,000 goal on the site.

You can donate by going to the website www.gofundme.com/lorraineandwayne

While Lorraine will sell the truck she will miss seeing it in the backyard and the sound of it coming home everyday.

Clint wrote to us and asked us to share his aunt's story.

"Lorraine and Wayne were your typical Aussie couple. Wayne a truck driver, and Lorraine formerly a carer in a nursing home,” Clint wrote.

"They met in their teens when Wayne became friends with Lorraine's brother Keith, and they've been together ever since... They worked hard, raised a family and often sacrificed to help others.

"They've made a lot of compromises over the years and were finally starting to reward themselves by updating their old bathroom and planning their fist trip overseas to see their son who they hadn't seen in 18 years.

"They're well known in their community of Pitt Town and Wayne was respected for his abilities to manoeuvre his large truck in and out of building sites. They're very proud and would never ask anyone for help.

"On August 24, Wayne suffered a major heart attack... Lorraine spent 15 minutes on the floor of their living room doing CPR to keep Wayne alive until paramedics arrived.

"Wayne was admitted to Nepean Hospital where he remained on life support for a week, with Lorraine by his side, until he slipped away from us on Thursday, September 1 with Lorraine and their boys by his side.

"Lorraine and Wayne had spoken about life insurance recently, however he had not been able to take out a policy... They'd been hit back by insurance companies because Wayne was diabetic and had high blood pressure. Something I'm sure many men will be able to relate to. This could happen to anyone.

"Wayne, a tough man of few words, who loved his wife more than anything. Who doted on her and made her feel like the luckiest woman in the world despite the hardships they'd faced over the years, has gone. Unexpectedly.

"And before Lorraine had even buried Wayne, her mind was boggled with financial concerns about meeting mortgage and truck repayments and paying bills... Last week while sitting with Aunty alone, she confided to me that she's already considering selling Wayne's beloved truck, and explained to me her distress about potentially having to pack up and leave the home that her and Wayne shared for 20 years together.

"I know Aunty Lorraine's situation isn't entirely unique... I know there's many loving husbands who've passed and left their families struggling financially.

"But I also know you'd like my aunty... She's got great spirit and a wicked sense of humour... She's a proud woman, yet soft and loving and despite all this she can still have a laugh about the great times her and Uncle Wayne shared, and curse him for leaving her... She'd been telling him they needed to plan for this.

"I'm also not one to ask for help, but I'm putting my own pride aside to ask on my aunty's behalf.

"I've set up a GoFundMe campaign and we're asking people to share and help get the word out.

"When I set the campaign up last week, Wayne was still in hospital fighting... I thought he was going to come through this, and that a little financial assistance would have been helpful while he recovered.

"After sitting with Lorraine recently, I now realise what we've raised so far will only stretch a little way given the circumstances, so I'm reaching out in the hope that you may be able to assist in getting the word out...

"Lorraine needs help, and she needs time to mourn Wayne without worrying about money.”

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