Camera link in case against farmer

SECURITY vision from a Woolgoolga shopping centre has been used as evidence in court to help convict a man of assault.

Police used closed-circuit footage from a camera inside the town’s mall to prove their case against local blueberry farmer Labh Singh, 35, in the Coffs Harbour Local Court.

It was said Singh approached a man, who is known to him, at the Woolgoolga Beach Reserve on July 25 last year at 6.20pm.

Police were told they became involved in a dispute, after one of the men grabbed the other’s beard, in what is considered an insult in Sikh Indian culture.

A short time later the victim said a yellow sedan pulled up in Beach Street and four men jumped out chasing him into the mall.

It is alleged one man was armed with a cricket bat at the time.

During a scuffle, the victim was pushed to the ground and punched and kicked by his attackers.

He was also allegedly struck with a stick.

Singh was arrested at his home after the incident was reported to police.

He was this week found guilty of assault and affray and ordered to serve 100 hours community service and pay a $500 fine plus court costs.

VIOLENT criminals should be forced to wear electronic monitoring anklets after their release from prison, the NSW opposition says.

Shadow Attorney-General Greg Smith wants stringent monitoring of sex offenders extended to cover people convicted of serious violent crimes.

“There is a gap in the law where a violent criminal is released without parole or where their parole is completed,” Mr Smith said in a statement.

Covert operation sees man charged with child procurement

Covert operation sees man charged with child procurement

Man will reappear in court today on child procurement charges

Automated vehicle trial announced for Coffs Harbour

Automated vehicle trial announced for Coffs Harbour

Automated shuttle buses to be trialled on local streets this year.

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Serious consequences for burnouts

Illegal burnouts on town roundabout.

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